Our Strategic Direction

Alberta Provincial Committee Strategic Plan 2021 – 2026


We envision the Alberta Provincial Committee (APC) of the Air Cadet League (ACL) of Canada will be a world – class partner supporting DND in the delivery of the Royal Canadian Air Cadets as a premier youth development organization in Alberta.


We promote and support a good relationship through mutual respect and understanding of the roles of each partner in the Royal Canadian Air Cadet program throughout Alberta.

  • Support the ACL of Canada in implementing their strategic plan and fulfilling their responsibilities to DND;
  • Support DND in the implementation of their strategic plans and fulfilling their training objectives;
  • Attract youth and adults to the cadet movement;
  • Develop and support local Squadron Sponsoring Committees so they can fulfill
    their responsibilities to the local cadet squadron;
  • Provide resources and support for cadet training and optional activities; and
  • Stimulate and support cadets to develop an interest in aerospace and aviation.


Our guide to decision making and behavior-

  • Cadet Centered- Safe, fun and challenging learning environment for youth.
  • Innovative- Leading edge support through new approaches and experiencing
    new ideas.
  • Respect- Treat each other with respect in all our interactions.
  • Integrity – Committed to making the right decisions for the right reasons.
  • Teamwork – Individual’s opinion are respected, while working together towards a
    common goal.
  • Quality of Service- High level of excellence and strive for continuous
  • Leadership – Others are inspired to achieve their goals and lead by example.