There are 5 Cadet Flying Sites (CFS) Alberta:

  • Grande Prairie CFS
  • Villeneuve CFS
  • Josephburg CFS
  • Netook CFS
  • Vulcan CFS

The Alberta Provincial Committee owns an adventure site:

1. Camp Wright

For Booking Information contact

The Alberta Committee owns:

  • 2 Bellanca Scout Tow Planes
  • 6 SGS 2-33A gliders

Gliding Manual:

Powered Flying

Flying of Cadets in powered aircraft is covered by 2 documents.

Effective Speaking


  1. To provide an opportunity for Air Cadets to increase their self confidence; and increase their
    ability to reason, organize and express ideas;
  2. To promote the citizenship component of local squadron training;
  3. To provide a focus at the Local, Regional/Wing, Provincial/Territorial, and National levels, to
    promote and encourage Air Cadets to participate in an optional activity that will provide them with
    an opportunity to acquire effective speaking skills through instruction and practice in a structured
    and competitive environment;
  4. To increase public awareness regarding the citizenship and leadership aspects of the Air Cadet
    program at the national, provincial and local levels.

In the Air Cadet program, we use words such as leadership, teamwork, self-discipline, self-confidence,
good citizenship. Cadets who participate in the effective speaking program will learn all of these things.
The skills they learn here will help them immeasurably in other areas of their life as well, whether they are
making class presentations in secondary school, or later, interviewing for admission to professional
faculties at universities, making presentations to colleagues at work, leading volunteer organizations,
running for public office.

(From the Air Cadet League of Canada – National Effective Speaking Handbook)

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Many squadrons have Marching and/or Stage Bands – Find a squadron near you.

Model Making

Aircraft Modeling For Royal Canadian Air Cadets

Over the past several years, Model Aeronautics Association of Canada (MAAC) members have been working with Air Cadet Squadrons across Canada to develop an interest in aviation through the building of model aircraft and rockets. Some Squadrons have developed their own internal programs to the extent that individual cadets have been able to achieve assistant instructor level requirements.
MAAC, in conjunction with the Aero Club of Canada (formerly the Royal Canadian Flying Clubs Association), have made funds available for any Air Cadet Squadron interested in establishing a MAAC model building program. The MAAC program consists of four steps beginning with hand launched gliders and rubber band powered models through U-control and eventually radio-controlled models. The selection of kits and materials for the model-building course reflect a thorough analysis of the need for cadets to advance from basic gliders through to advanced radio-controlled modelling. As Cadets advance and develop expertise they are expected to assist entry-level model builders in the Squadron. This ideally maintains a preferred 6:1 student/instructor ratio.

Aircraft Modeling For Royal Canadian Air Cadets

A squadron wishing to present this program should contact:

MGen (Ret’d.) William G. Paisley
Air Cadet League of Canada
Ontario Provincial Committee
Phone (613) 384-2116


The Model Aeronautics Association of Canada
5100 South Services Road, Unit 9,
Burlington, Ontario L7L 6A5
Tel: 905-632-9808 Fax: 905-632-3304

Model Aeronautics Association of Canada website:

NOTE: A special web site containing detailed information, drawings etc. has been set up for the program at:

Other Information