Winners will be announced here!

Date of DrawName of WinnerTicket # Prize Amount City, ProvComments from Winners
01-JanWallace Hollingshead1806 $          500Calgary, ABNo way! That’s incredible
03-JanLiane Shulak6262 $          250Edmonton, ABHey!! I don’t win anything. That’s kinda cool
10-JanWayne Johnson8272 $          250Whitecourt, ABoh! I should answer the phone more often. I was just looking at the Cash Calendar the other day, thinking that I wouldn’t ever win. This is great!
17-JanNathalie Butler2971 $          250Lac La Biche, ABOh, wow! I going to wake up my cadet and tell her that she did good!!
24-JanMegan Darby2590 $          250Carstairs, ABOh, OK. That’s groovy
30-JanDoris Denty3019 $       1,000Brooks, ABReally? Oh my goodness. That is unbelievable, oh my. I am floored, you made my weekend for sure
31-JanMargaret R Griffiths8209 $          250Barrhead, ABYou got to be kidding! Oh my goodness. I really truly believe in the air cadet program.
07-FebMarlene Dezaeyer8285 $          250Gunn, ABOh Wonderful. I can always use an extra $250. thank you so much
14-FebDan Nahajowich6032 $          250Camrose, ABOh nice! Happy Valentine’s Day
21-FebHeather Johns856 $          250Westaskiwin, ABWhat? How does that work? OMG. Really! Wow, OK thank you, that’s a lot of money
16-FebCarlos Pantigoso1198 $       2,500Calgary, AB Oh wonderful. That’s amazing, I’ve never won anything in my life
28-FebSam Barnes5548 $       1,000Calgary, ABOh my! That’s amazing
06-MarDebbie Myers-Waddell6894 $          250Stony Plain, ABOh really? Isn’t that nice, this has never happened before. My pleasure to support the AC’s. My grandson is an AC. It’s a fabulous organization.
13-MarChristopher Taylor2012 $          250Airdrie, ABSweet! That’s awesome, something good for a change. I’m an officer at the local sqn, This is great!
20-MarJerry Koppenol1220 $          250Calgary, ABAwesome…that”s good news
27-MarSandy Miller109 $          250Penhold, ABNo way, that’s so wonderful. Thank you so much. I am smiling ear to ear
31-MarRose Acosta356 $       1,000Edmonton, ABOh my God! How can I claim that! Whoot hay! Horray! OMG!
03-AprLIndsay Miller2458 $          250Didsbury, ABOh nice! Awesome
10-AprAngela Hopper7319 $          250Calgary, ABOh you’re kidding. That’s awesome…really helps
17-AprDarryl Lanz111 $          250Penhold, AB Seriously? I was looking at this the other day, this is the  1st time I have won on anything
24-AprChristian Fletes5653 $          250Calgary, ABOh Okay. OH really, wow!
30-AprCarma Thomson291 $       1,000Magrath, ABReally? That is pretty awesome
01-MayWannetta1010 $          250Calgary, AB What? You’re kidding! Can I donate it back to the Air Cadets?
08-MayTyler Peters3750 $          250Clairmont, ABOh my goodness! My office manager is the one who sold it to me. This is great!
15-MayLouise Hannam5817 $          250Calgary, ABOh?! How nice is this! Thank you very much
20-MayWarren Rubia8306 $       2,500Gibbons, ABReally? I don’t win stuff. Oh my goodness. I’ll be sharing this once the program opens up again!
22-MayMark Stevenson8235 $          250Sangudo, ABI’m a winner? That’s nice, I appreciate it! I’ll put it to good use
29-MayMike Schafer7276 $          250Okotoks, AB Oh Awesome
31-MayNancy Lajoie528 $       1,000Medicine Hat, ABYou have got to be kidding me! Are you serious? OMG, PMG! Oh my good lord. Be still my beating heart! I am so thrilled
05-JunNina Kleile5639 $          250Calgary, ABOh wonderful. My son is in Air Cadets @ 604 Moose
12-JunMichelle Woywitka3204 $          250Sherwood Park, ABOh Really?That is so exciting! Awesome, my boss’s son is in cadets.
19-JunMumtaz Premji794 $          250Three Hills, ABOh wow! Oh my goodness. This is a nice call to get. Both my children were in aircadets after which My son became a pilot. Now I’m a grandmother and my grandkids are in air cadets. 
26-JunDonna Isaac3040 $          250Delia, ABOh my goodness! Best call I’ve had in a long time. Thank you so much. My grandson is in Air Cadets in Brooks
30-JunAli Meyer2929 $       1,000Athabasca, ABOh Ya! That’s exciting. We have cadets in the program
01-JulKirke Oxford1563 $       2,500Lacombe, ABOh nice, That’s awesome
03-JulJennifer Marsh8481 $          250Leduc, ABOh, that is excellent news! Perfect, I have cadets in the program.
10-JulKelly Laun4329 $          250Barrhead, ABAwesome! That wonderful, bought it from a friend
17-JulBrigitte Perrier346 $          250Edmonton, AB Oh that wonderful. I have 3 in cadets
24-JulAlicia Rice2975 $          250Athabasca, ABOh wow! That’s amazing. Happy birthday to me! I have a son in 230 Sqn.
30-JulMihaela Constantin2760 $       1,000High River, ABWow! Oh my goodness. I was wondering why AC was calling me. It’s a nice birthday gift, my BD is in July. My boss & colleague have children in AC’s.
31-JulDr E Sharp-Nawrot931 $          250Vegreville, ABOh isn’t this lovely. That great. I have a nephew in AC and he loves it.
07-AugJon Yee7213 $          250Calgary, ABSweet! Bought from a co-worker to help out. Didn’t realize entered in a draw. Thank you very much
14-AugBob Moger4958 $          250St Albert, AB 
21-AugEdward Mihalcheon8002 $          250Vegreville, ABReally? Thank you very much
28-AugSandra Gullen8457 $          250Leduc, ABOh, okay! That’s a shock, that’s awesome
31-AugLloyd Caday5616 $       1,000Calgary, ABPardon me! Oh! Oh! Wow, I don’t know what to say
04-SepMarilyn Fehr5182 $          250Grande Prairie, ABThank you very much. Great work you folks do for the youth.
11-SepWu Yu Xian9383 $          250Calgary, ABNo No I returned them. Did you buy one…yes, I am calling you to say you won $250. Really nice, thank you very much
18-SepANgela Lemieux5142 $          250Chilliwack, BCNot sure what it was. Was sent to her by family. Very nice for times like this. Thank you.
25-SepApple Dawn Chabot1140 $          250Calgary, ABThank you very much, that was nice.
30-SepAndrew Cook5767 $       1,000Calgary, ABThat is fantastic news,Thank you very much. That is really great news thanks again
02-Oct $          250
09-Oct $          250
16-Oct $          250
23-Oct $          250
24-Oct $       2,500
30-Oct $          250
31-Oct $       1,000
06-Nov $          250
13-Nov $          250
20-Nov $          250
27-Nov $          250
30-Nov $       1,000
04-Dec $          250
11-Dec $          250
18-Dec $          250
30-Dec $       1,000
31-Dec $       5,000