Alberta Provincial Committee Contact List

Alberta Provincal Committee
Contact List
13 February 2018
Position Name Email Address
Chairman Merier, Dawna
Vice-Chair Mullins, Angéle
Past Chair Barraclough, Rhonda
Director of Finance Lewis, Anna
Secretary Davis, Peter
Director of Training Toews, Vern
Director of Air Resources Blatchford, Derek
Netook Advisor Lanz, David
Camp Wright Advisor Frost, Doug
Camp Worthington Advisor Gillings, Burt
Director of North Wing Pilkington, Graham
Director of Central Wing Davis, Peter
Director of Southern Wing Forsen, Lorraine
Membership & Screening Coordinator
Lorincz-McRae, Therese
J3 OIC Edmonton Area
Area Elemental Advisor — Air (Edmonton)
J3 OIC Calgary Area
Area Elemental Advisor — Air (Calgary)
National Governor Toews, Vern
Webmaster  Corey Dodge