Air Cadet 2021 Cash Calendar poster

Winners will be announced here!

Date of DrawName of WinnerTicket # Prize Amount City, ProvComments from Winners
01-JanSteve Pyette4521 $         500New Albany, NSThat’s great thank you. Mother in Law from Edmonton sents one out
08-JanAudrey Redcrow8619 $         250Fort McKay, AB.That’s awesome, thank you very much. Bought ticket at Xmas market.
15-JanRolando Alcantara8585 $         250Ft. McMurrray, ABvery surprised, thank you very much. Calendar given to him
22-JanStephanie Morrissey3444 $         250Edmonton, ABvery good, that was excellent thank you very much.
29-JanRyland Kruk2224 $         250Airdrie, ABReally, that is awesome, thank you very much for the call. Officer with 88.
30-JanMike Johnson594 $     1,000Medicine Hat, ABYou are a guardian angel today, we will put that to good use. 
05-FebDaniel Werden9332 $         250Calgary, ABThis is wonderful, thanks for calling. Great news
12-FebCurtis Morrison3427 $         250St. Albert, ABThat is fantastic news, thank you very much.
14-FebCharlene Garner8371 $     2,500Leduc, ABVery nice indeed, wow what a great surprise. On Exe of 831 been in numerous chairs, will share my winnings.
19-FebNatasha Acosta8336 $         250Edmonton, ABThank you very much, I will thank my Granma she bought it for me.
26-FebStephen Coulombe5241 $         250Grande Prairie, ABVery nice, thank you very much, bought from 577 squadron
28-FebAlastair Truesdale2581 $     1,000Olds, ABThank you very much, I usually never win anything. Bought from neigbour boy in cadets, will be sure to buy one next year.
05-MarJeanett Walker917 $         250Wetaskiwin, ABYou have to be kidding. Thank you very much or doing the extra work to get in touch with me. Loves the calendar.
12-MarKrista and Mike Vetter6901 $         250Stoney Plain, ABOh wow that is awesome. That will sure help out, thank you very much. Thank you for helping the Air Cadets.
19-MarKim Castellani8491 $         250Leduc, ABThat’s great. Real awesome to win something. Supported 831 last year so figured we would help them this year.
26-MarDave Fuller9996 $         250Erskine, ABThat’s awesome thank you very much, grandson in cadets
31-MarBonnie Ritz5163 $     1,000Stettler, ABThat is great thank you very much. Bought from gal selling calendars for squadron.
02-AprVerle Klassen1454 $         250Stettler, ABThank you very much, that is very nice what are the odds, I have never won anything.
09-AprHarold Cooper561 $         250Lethbridge, ABThat is fantastic, very very nice. Grand daughter with 15 MH. Will tell all the family. He went through the program
16-AprSandie Finlayson5338 $         250Sexsmith, ABThat is awesome, fantastic news. With 577 squadron, CI for 14 years. Great news I never usually win anything
23-AprAmie Roberts1699 $         250Lacombe, ABThank you very much. Husband was a previous winner of the $2,500.
30-AprCandace Hrdlicka5230 $         250Red Deer, ABThank you very much. Can use the cash the way life is.
29-AprLaurie McCraig1635 $     1,000Red Deer, ABYour joking, I never win anything. Oh well what a very nice surprise thank you very much for calling and letting me know.
07-MayBrandon Lewis9912 $         250C/O Anna Lewisvery happy and surprised talked about his transfer to Edmonton
09-MayAllison Kerik5170 $     2,500Stettler, ABthank you very much. Speechless do not know what to say. Never win anything. Exchange with friend I buy a Cash Calendar from her she buys a Stars from me.
14-MayZheng Jing9258 $         250Calgary, ABWow, wow very nice. Never win anything. Will donate to squadron. Very nice surprise
21-MayKieth Biernacki6561 $         250Edson, AB 
28-MayValerie Pieper585 $         250Seven Persons, ABThat is very cool, that is awesome. Thank you very much and thanks for calling
31-MayRocky Mountain Aircraft #95523 $     1,000Calgary, ABthank you very much that is wonderful. Great cause. Money will come in handy.
04-JunHeidi Gould8624 $         250Ft. McMurrray, ABDid I win, that is awesome. Great news. Thanks for calling me
11-JunSarah Williams736 $         250Red Deer, ABThank you very much this is a wonderful surprise. Always comes in handy
18-JunLee Reid9813 $         250Taber, ABWow that is awesome. There squadron has sold winning tickets 3 years in a row. Very nice, thank you for calling.
25-Jun#15 Parent Committee c/o Melanie673 $         250Medicine Hat, ABwhat a nice surprise, we were wondering if we won anything, thank you very much.
30-JunRoland Cormier8639 $     1,000Ft. McMurrray, ABThat is very very nice. Didn’t expect to win, just helping out the kids. Daughter in 868.
01-JulJeff Vetter6902 $     2,500Red Deer, AB 
02-JulSuzanne Lepage2328 $         250Edmonton, AB 
09-JulJeff Desrosiers2845 $         250Lethbridge, AB 
16-JulAlvin Manansala8583 $         250Ft. McMurray, AB 
23-JulAnna Dumelie8519 $         250Vermillion, ABVery surprised to win. Purchased for many years not expecting to win just supporting a good cause for the kids and the community. 
30-JulDelilah Mc Keith764 $         250Red Deer, AB 
31-JulDawn Potter8407 $     1,000Calmar, ABthank you very much, that is wonderful. What a surprise. It will come in very handy.
06-AugRod Johnson2577 $         250Olds, ABthank you very much, that is a wonderful surprise, very nice. Thanks for calling and letting me know.
13-AugCorrine Lafond6132 $         250Cold Lake, ABThat is great news thank you very much. My pleasure in helping out the Cadets.
20-AugAshley Edwards2483 $         250Didsbury, ABWow that is awesome, thank you very much, I never win anything so that is great, thanks for calling and letting me know.
27-AugLawrence Leung9099 $         250Calgary, ABno comments seemed to be doubtful about my call but did have him verify his contact info
31-AugFriends of 570 Squ.5119 $     1,000Edmonton, ABThat is amazing, thank you very much. Aiways can use the money is fund raising restrictions. Thanks again.
03-SepDeepak Jein8149 $         250Edmonton, ABThank you very much, what a surprise. Always will support the Air Cadets, with 810 squadron. Thanks for calling and letting them know.
10-SepKaylee Broadley2602 $         250High River, ABWow that is awesome, thank you very much, I never win anything so that is great, thanks for calling and letting me know.
17-SepJanice Kassian312 $         250Stoney Plain, ABWell thank you very much. That is a very nice surprise, can sure use it, gave new address thanks for calling to let me know.
24-Sep12 Air SSC C/O Colette Ryland497 $         250Edmonton, ABWow that is fantastic news. Sure can use it now a days. Thank you very much for calling.
30-SepPat Bartholow2527 $     1,000Olds, ABThat is very nice, I usually never win anything, thank you.
01-OctTania Nichiporik6394 $         250Edmonton, ABThat is fantastic news, thank you very much. Great news to get, thanks for calling.
08-OctYasmin Esmail9229 $         250Edmonton, AB 
10-OctKaren Cutting348 $     2,500Edmonton, ABOh wow that is great, thank you very much.
15-OctDavy Ho6337 $         250Calgary, ABVery nice thank you very much for calling
22-OctMiranda Gasior3402 $         250Lloydminister, ABI won, are you kidding? That is awesome. I never win anything thank you very much.
29-OctJanet Sandau2038 $         250Airdrie, ABExciting news. Buy tickets for this year. Cadet is with 88 squadron. Thank you so much for calling and letting me know.
31-OctAngie O’Donnell4281 $     1,000Bon Accord, ABYou are kidding aren’t you? I never win anything. What a surprise, thank you very much. I ask if she needed any help spending the money, she said no I think I will be sure to find something!!!

See Full Raffle Rules and Regulations:Keith first Draw Jan 1st 2019

Download the following documents for the full raffle rules and regulations.

Terms and Conditions:

  • 10,000 calendars will be printed, numbered 00001 – 10000
  • Draws are held in the order they appear in the calendar
  • Winners will be contacted by telephone and/or e-mail within 7 days of the draw and by mail if they cannot be contacted by telephone or email. Winners names will be posted to the Air Cadet League of Canada (Alberta) website: