Winners will be announced here!

Date of DrawName of WinnerTicket # Prize AmountCity, ProvComments from Winners
01-Jan-22Patti Turcotte4463 $          500Morinville, ABAre you kidding. That is wonderful, what a nice surprise. I usually do not win anything
07-JanNiki Bown-Morin2554 $          250Olds, ABThat is fantastic news.what a surprise. Thank you very much for the call.
14-JanLeslie Quinn7272 $          250Sruce Grove, ABWow that is very exciting. Buy calendars every year. Thank you very much
21-Jan781 Parents Association (SSC)7693 $          250Calgary,  ABWow you mean we won something. Just too cool. Does it go back into the draw, maybe? we might win again
28-JanDavid Selensky2486 $          250Carstairs, ABDid I win something? That is great, thank you very much
31-JanMike Vermeersch3016 $       1,000Brooks,  ABThat is awesome news, cannot think of a better way to start out the week, awesome, awesome, you have a great night and thank you for calling.
04-FebGreg Straugh8974 $          250Canmore,  ABThat is nice, right in time for my birthday. Thank you very much
11-FebKaren Cutting403 $          250Edmonton, ABvery nice thank you very much. Co-worker selling the calendars
14-FebDennis Hobbs9469 $       2,500Calgary,  ABAre you serious. Awe, that is great news, awesome news, first year cadet out of 918
18-FebGraham Davies5658 $          250Calgary,  ABThat is very nice. Cadets is a great program will donate it back to squadron his grandson goes to. Thank you very much.
25-FebFelix Chu9519 $          250Calgary,  AB
28-FebHarvey Zhm6554 $       1,000Edmonton, ABGlad to hear, thanks for calling
04-MarAshley Orr5700 $          250Calgary,  ABGood news, you just made my day
11-MarCorry Bergen2366 $          250Nampa,  ABVery nice, nice surprise before I go on holidays. Thank you.
18-MarKellee Davis72 $          250Airdrie,  ABSweet, thank you very much. Is the Central Wing Assistant Director, you just made my husbands day.
25-MarCory Camden763 $          250Sylvan Lake,  ABThat is awesome news thank you very much. Former Air Cadet.
31-MarJohn Kroctch7177 $       1,000Millet, ABWow what a nice surprise I never win anything. Thank you very much
01-AprEbere Elizabeth Ott9581 $          250Calgary,  ABVery nice, I am so happy thank you very much.
08-AprMarcy Lavoie2417 $          250Olds, ABThank you so much, I never win anything I am glad you called. Such a very good cause
15-AprNatasha Arshi4729 $          250Calgary,  ABVery excited to get your call, thank you very much. That is very nice.
22-AprLawrence Leppaie2686 $          250Athabasca,  ABVery nice what a great surprise. Thank you very much for calling.
29-AprMichael Walgren2913 $          250Lac La Biche, ABWell look at that. That is awesome news, thank you very much
30-AprAnn Holt2920 $       1,000Rochester,  ABYou have got to be kidding. Oh that is wonderful you just made my day, I have lot of places that money can go.
06-MayBruce V Quiunet6381 $          250Frog Lake, ABcalled back by someone with Bruce. Thank you very much for calling
08-MayMarjorie Myles2968 $       2,500Brooks,  ABOh my gosh I can’t believe it. That is awesome what a great surprise. Thank you very much for callling me you just made my day.
13-May781 Parents Association (SSC)7693 $          250Calgary,  ABUnbeleveable to win it again, that is great. I will be sure to tell everyone
20-MaySuhasini Gaekwad457 $          250Medicine Hat,  ABThank you very much you made my day. Daughter is an ex-cadet but they still support the cadets.
27-MayTom Chiu9213 $          250Calgary,  ABThank you for the effort in contacting us, much appreciatiated. Best wishes for the future.
31-MayAdam Kowchanek7411 $       1,000Calgary,  ABThat is great news! I am having a awesome day now. Support the Air Cadet program through a relative. Thank you very much for getting a hold of me.
03-JunTara Laverdiere255 $          250Fort SaskatewanWow, that is very nice. What a surprise. Now I am having a very good day. Thank you very much for calling. Will watch for new calendars to come out.
10-JunChristian Puri2140 $          250Calgary,  ABVery nice thank you. Thank you for calling.
19-Jun781 Parents Association (SSC)7693 $       2,500Calgary,  ABThat is fantastic news I will be sure to share the news with our group. Thank you very much for calling.
17-JunBernie Theriault4247 $          250Edmonton, ABAre you kidding, that is great news what a surprise thank you very much. Great Father’s Day present. Thanks for calling.
24-Jun781 Parents Association (SSC)7693 $          250Calgary,  ABAnd what would you be calling me for this time Keith, chuckle, chuckle. Yes you won the weekly draw, that is fantastic news. Great talking to you again, thank you.
30-JunGrant Henkelman29 $       1,000Sylvan Lake,  ABWow, that is great. What a very nice surprise. Wow what a way to start off holidays. Thank you very much for calling.
01-JulDarryl Merkley9229 $          250Calgary,  ABThat is just great. Wow! It has been a long time, thank for calling me. Thank you very much
08-JulSophie La8773 $          250Fort McMurray, ABYou’re kidding arn,t you. Very nice, very much appreciated. Thank you for calling.
15-Jul781 Parents Association (SSC)7693 $          250Calgary,  ABI can’t believe this, are we lucky or what. Thanks again for calling
22-JulJulia Theron236 $          250Lethbridge, ABWhat a nice surprise. What a great job you have calling everyone and giving money away. Thank you very much for calling.
29-JulAli Zaidi5988 $          250Calgary,  ABWell that is fantastic, thank you very much. Thank you for reaching out to me and I look forward to the prize.
31-JulNikki Lee-Guicheleau2991 $       1,000Brooks,  ABWow that is awesome, thank you very much, what a nice surprise.
05-AugJames Elliott5962 $          250Calgary,  ABWow that is fanastic. That is wonderful, thank you very much
12-AugCurtis Fedyk2423 $          250Lake Isle,  ABThank you very much. Like to donate back to Air Cadet but will do it through local. My pleasure supporting the program
19-AugJohn Paul Dinelle8364 $          250Devon, ABHey that is awesome, how much did I win cause I never win anything. Great news. Thanks for calling me.
26-AugDavy Cardinal2916 $          250Lac La Biche, ABRight on thank you very much. Son is with 230 Athabaska.
31-AugIan Baker6046 $       1,000Calgary,  ABWow that is beauitful. What a great surprise after the Log Weekend. Thank you very much for calling.

See Full Raffle Rules and Regulations:Keith first Draw Jan 1st 2019

Download the following documents for the full raffle rules and regulations.

Terms and Conditions:

  • 10,000 calendars will be printed, numbered 00001 – 10000
  • Draws are held in the order they appear in the calendar
  • Winners will be contacted by telephone and/or e-mail within 7 days of the draw and by mail if they cannot be contacted by telephone or email. Winners names will be posted to the Air Cadet League of Canada (Alberta) website: