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Date of DrawName of WinnerTicket #Prize AmountCity, ProvComments from Winners
1-JanRuwani De Alwis8638$ 500Ft. McMurray, ABThank you, what a nice surprise. Ever a great way to end the weekend. Thank you very much for calling. From 868 squadron
6-JanMaxine Zdebiak3137$ 250Edmonton, ABWow that is great news, what a wonderful surprise, my grandson will be very happy for selling me the ticket, he is with 287 Beamont. Thank you for the work you do for Cadets.
13-JanKyle Burns236$ 250Lethbridge, ABWell, that is great. Wonderful news, thank you very much. With 11 Squadron.
20-JanJennifer Jakeman759$ 250Blackfalds, ABThat is awesome thank you very much. Bought it from a co worker with 24 Squadron. Great way to end the weekend
27-JanCronic Pain Management Clinic573$ 250Medicine Hat, ABNot able to contact at present
31-JanNirav Vyas8421$ 1,000Edmonton, ABReally, for sure. That is very nice thank you.
3-FebTrudy Sale7222$ 250Calgary, ABWow, great, that is awesome thank you very much I never win anything thanks for drawing my name. With 781
10-FebJen Ericksen5940$ 250Calgary, ABThat is awesome news, thank you very much. Wow thank you for calling.
14-FebJessica Link4585$ 250St. Albert, ABWow that is awesome news, what a great surprise. Yes the money will come in handy. Thank you very much for calling.
17-FebRick Smolanski1313$ 250Strathmore, ABHoly cow, that is great news. I usually consider the tickets a donation to a charity. What a surprise to win something. Buy from 903.
24-FebFriends of 570 Squ.9491$ 250Edmonton, ABDo you have something for us? Wow that is fantastic news. Yes your draw ticket goes back in for future draws. Can calendars be sold still, no they cannot, even if someone tried we would catch it.
28-FebRichard Munger4403$ 1,000Edmonton, ABAre you kidding me, I thought you were a scam, what a wonderful surprise. Thank you very much. From 533
3-MarDarryle Smadu4714$ 250Chestermere, AB
10-Mar868 Sponsoring Committee8562$ 250Ft. McMurray, ABI Hear you have a surprise for me. Yes you won $250. That is very nice news thank you very much. Money always comes in handy.
17-MarKelvin Lien4388$ 250St. Albert, ABGreat, that is very goood news. Always have places to spend that, lots of places where it can go. 2 boys with 533.
24-MarTanya Verhulp2139$ 250Airdrie, ABGreat news, that is amazing, thank you very much that is awesome.
30-MarKatelyn Erickson6012$ 1,000Sundre, ABWow, that is wonder news thank you very much. Bought ticket from nephew in Calgary.
31-MarAlex McCarthy7176$ 250Winnipeg, MBGreat news, thank you very much. Supported a co-workers cadet.
7-AprKellie Nixon5963$ 250Calgary, ABWow that is amazing news, wonderful, I never win anything. What a great surprise. Son is in 604.
14-AprSelina Hicks678$ 250Red Deer, ABWow, what a very nice surprise. Thank you very much that is great.
21-AprAnna Dumelie8461$ 250Lethbridge, ABIsn’t thank amazing, awesome thank you very much. I never win anything so what a great surprise. You have just made my day, thank you.
28-AprJohn Ockerman942$ 250Lethbridge, ABWow that is awesome thank you very much. I like getting these types of calls. Purchase these every year from a friend who is involved with cadets.
30-AprTricia Zhoya9136$ 1,000Calgary, ABThat is a nice surprise on May 1st. Always places for the money to go, thank you very much. Purchased at 918 squadron SSC.
5-MayDalys Harrold5802$ 250Calgary, ABWell,that is very nice, what a way to end the weekend thank you very much. With 604 Moose squadron.
9-MayMike McCann3216$ 2,500Edmonton, ABWhat news do you have for me? That is wonderful news and much appreciated. What a surprise, you have made by day, thanks for calling.
12-MayRamana Kamonaboina9307$ 250Kanata, ONno comment
19-MayJackie McGrath2830$ 250Ft. McMurray, ABWow, that is really awesome thank you very much, I don’t usually win anything so this is a very nice surprise. Bought from grandaughter in Athabaska.
26-MayWei Wang5965$ 250Calgary, ABReally I won something, that is great news. Thank you very much.
31-MayMarion Walker2238$ 1,000Sexsmith, ABAre you kidding. That is great news thank you very much. Grandson is in 88 Airdrie squadron.
2-JunYan Li9148$ 250Calgary, ABthank you very much for calling. That was a surprise. My pleasure to help the Air Cadets.
9-JunRosemarie Neri353$ 250Edmonton, ABWow, that is very good news. Thank you very much, wow you just made by day. Always help out the Air Cadets.
16-JunKaren Watson626$ 250Red Deer, ABThat is great, thank you very much. Grandson is at 24 squadron.
23-JunPeter Gougeon4442$ 250Morinville, ABDid I win something? Thank you very much that is great news. Thanks for calling.
29-JunJinkun Wang4249$ 1,000Edmonton, ABJust said thank you, double check address.
30-JunJie Ding9101$ 250Calgary, ABWow that is a wonderful surprise thank you. My pleasure supporting the League and the Air Cadets.
1-JulCrystal Collins386$ 2,500Edmonton, ABOh my goodness are you serious! I cannot believe this is happening to me. Bought it from the neighbours son. Will definitely buy again. Money will come in very handy, thank you very much.
7-JulAshley Gargas8320$ 250Edmonton, ABWow, that is awesome. What a lovely surprise thank you very much. Bought from a neighbour kid. Glad to help out the Air Cadets.
14-JulLouis Collette4867$ 250Calgary, ABDo you have something for me? That is very nice, played since it started and had not won anything. Thank you very much. Like to support the Cadets.
21-JulAnusha Fernando5783$ 250Calgary, ABVery nice thank you! Help the cadet out all the time. Thank you very much and you have a great weekend and thanks for calling.
28-JulRaelyn Crush4433$ 250Morinville, ABThat is wonderful, what a nice surprise. Always like supporting the Air Cadets I work with the Legion in Morinville. Thank you for calling me that is wonderful.
31-JulJennifer Selbee4570$ 1,000That is lovely, thank you very much. Sure can use that. Will email you my address. Bought from 12 squadron
4-AugDayanara Talavera5795$ 250Calgary, ABYou mean I won something, I never win. Thank you very much. Bought calendar from a friend in Air Cadets I will thank them.
11-AugSheryl Johnston4809$ 250Calgary, ABThat is great news, I like getting calls like this. Thank you very much for calling back. I tthink it is the first time to win anything.
18-AugDickie Lee9788$ 250Calgary, ABWow, that is very nice thank you very much.
25-AugChris Ennis2972$ 250Brooks, ABno comment
31-AugChric Robbins2467$ 1,000Calgary, ABHave you got some good news? That is fantastic news, I sure never expected that thank you very much. I always enjoy supporting the Air Cadet League and of course the Air Cadets.
1-SepEric Wheat5149$ 250Stettler, ABWow, thatis very nice and exciting to win something, that you for calling. Buy calendars every year supporting my sons at 572 Coyote.
8-SepGordon Wong5704$ 250Calgary, ABVery good news! I didn’t think I would win anything. Son is with 604. Thank you for calling me.
15-SepWade Waters9904$ 250Calgary, ABWow that is wonderful news thank you very much.
22-SepKellee Davis33$ 250Airdrie, ABAnd what would you be calling for Keith, did I win something. Thank you very much some money always comes in handy.
29-SepKimberley Lennie738$ 250Penhold, ABI would have bought that some time ago, did I win something. Well thank you very much for that and you have a great day.
30-SepDrego Tovar4201$ 1,000Edmonton, ABWow that is great thank you very much, what a nice surprise thanks for calling.
6-OctSteve Folkerts3643$ 250Sturgeon County, ABWell thank you very much, that is very nice. Like supporting our nephew in Air Cadets. Thank you for calling.
9-OctCindy O’Brien6281$ 2,500Cold Lake, ABAre you kidding me. That is very exciting news. What a way to go back to work. Thank you very much for calling. What a way to end the weekend.
13-OctTorrie Ursu4750$ 250Calgary, ABWow, that is exciting thank you for calling me with the good news.
20-OctAmber Madarash3449$ 250Edmonton, ABThis is a very great day. Thank you for this fabulas day. Thank you very much for calling.
27-OctKaren Koyich4474$ 250St. Albert, ABThat is awesome thank you very much. Bought it from 533 parents committee. Always like supporting the Air Cadets. Thanks again!
31-OctAmy Payne8541$ 1,000Ft. McMurray, ABI could use some good news. Wow how wondeerful is that. Thank you very much that is very good news. Wow, thank you for calling, my pleasure to support the cause.
3-NovMickey Lai9246$ 250Calgary, ABThis is a surprise, don’t usually win anything, bought from 604 squadron.
10-NovBanff/Canmore Sponsoring Comm.8913$ 250Canmore, ABThank you very much greatly appreciated.
17-NovGayatori9309$ 250Calgary, AB
24-NovTerry Boyd2851$ 250Brooks, ABWow, thank you Keith very much very nice surprise before Christmas. Purchased from Brooks Chair of SSC, guess I will have to buy 2 or 3 more.
30-NovKaren Traverse8704$ 1,000Ft. McMurray, ABI got a surprise for you, you won this month draw. Oh, that is very nice thank you. Always nice to support the Air Cadets thank you for calling.
1-DecJessica Graham8999$ 250Strathmore, ABWow that is very nice, I normally do not win anything. Thank you very much for calling. Always support Air Cadets, have 2 in 903 squadron.
8-DecRobert Nolan5690$ 250Calgary, ABHey I think I have talked to you before. Great news especially this time of the year. This money will come in very handy, thank you very muck Keith for calling.
15-DecMoira Holley140$ 250Lethbridge, ABWow, that is very nice thank you so much. Sure will come in handy. Thanks for calling.
30-DecQun Zou3661$ 1,000Edmonton, ABYes, I know about the Air Cadets and the Air Cadet League Cash Calendar, did I win something? My goodness I cannot believe this. Wow hard to believe. My goodness I still don’t believe I won. Very good weekend because it is my sons birthday as well, he goes to 395 squadron. Thank you very much, wow.
31-DecNicolas Avalos3440$ 5,000Edmonton, AB

See Full Raffle Rules and Regulations:Keith first Draw Jan 1st 2019

Download the following documents for the full raffle rules and regulations.

Terms and Conditions:

  • 10,000 calendars will be printed, numbered 00001 – 10000
  • Draws are held in the order they appear in the calendar
  • Winners will be contacted by telephone and/or e-mail within 7 days of the draw and by mail if they cannot be contacted by telephone or email. Winners names will be posted to the Air Cadet League of Canada (Alberta) website: aircadetleague.ab.ca